Used SHIMADZU TMP-2003LM-3 #137639 for sale

ID: 137639
Vintage: 1999
Turbo pump system Piping diameter: VG250 Rotor spin 1999 vintage.
SHIMADZU TMP-2003LM-3 is a high-performance pump designed for use in a variety of industrial applications. TMP-2003LM-3 is a centrifugal pump designed for use in fluids with viscosity up to 50 cSt. It offers efficient and dependable prime delivery performance with maximum flow rates up to 350 GPM and maximum head up to 75 feet. It is a stainless steel multi-stage pump, with an enclosed impeller that provides an efficient and low-shear pumping action. This makes it an optimal choice for applications involving delicate fluids or abrasives with high down-stream pressure requirements. The pump features a simple construction with few moving parts, and it requires minimal maintenance. SHIMADZU TMP-2003LM-3 has stainless steel construction, offering excellent corrosion resistance for demanding industrial applications. Its lubricated mechanical seal offers reliable protection for pumped fluids and prevents leakage, while the optional external head cover ensures a clean and efficient operation. This pump is designed for long-term, interrupted service, with a service life rating of over 1000 hours. TMP-2003LM-3 is a reliable, high pressure centrifugal pump, suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It is designed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than standard pumps. It features an intelligent built-in controller and computer interface, giving the operator full control over flow and pressure, making it easy and safe to use. Its variable speed drive lets the operator adjust the speed of the pump for more efficient operation, resulting in increased power savings. Its interactive human machine interface and touch screen ensure simple operator control and monitoring. This pump also features an anti-vibration design that keeps the pump vibration-free and extends the pump's operating life. SHIMADZU TMP-2003LM-3 centrifugal pump is a reliable and robust choice for demanding industrial applications. It offers superior energy efficiency, a long life, and superior performance. It is easy to install, maintain, and service, and its adjustable speed drive makes it even more efficient. Its stainless steel construction makes it highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and its built-in controller and computer interface make it easy to use and monitor. It is a great choice for any industrial application.
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