Used SHIMADZU TMP-202 #179515 for sale

ID: 179515
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-202 is an oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump that provides a reliable and efficient vacuum for many applications. It is designed for low maintenance and long-term stable operation. The pump has a powerful motor which delivers up to 32 mbar of vacuum pressure and has a wide range of variables. It is constructed from robust materials and is designed to handle high temperatures and pressures. The pump has a built-in air bled valve to reduce cavitation and airlock problems. It has multi-stage filtration to remove most oil, dust and other contaminants. TMP-202 can be used for a variety of applications, including laboratory use, degassing and evacuation of sealed containers, evacuating vacuum ovens and plasma etching. Its compact size and low power consumption make it ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. The pump features an integrated cooling unit to keep the pump functioning efficiently without causing any damage to the parts. In addition, the pump is completely oil-free, meaning it requires less maintenance and is certified by UL and CSA safety standards. SHIMADZU TMP-202 features an easy to use vacuum pressure gauge which can be read accurately. The large vacuum range and removable air filter make it easy to adjust the vacuum level to the desired application. In addition, the pump has a low noise level of only 45 dB and provides efficient cooling during operation. The pump also has an extended life cycle due to its durable and well-constructed design. The pump is available with a detachable carbon-filled exhaust filter for quieter operation. In summary, TMP-202 is an oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump that provides reliable and efficient vacuum for many applications. It has an integrated cooling unit, multi-stage filtration, a low-noise level, and a long-term life cycle. With its durable and well-constructed design and a wide range of variables, SHIMADZU TMP-202 is a great choice for both industrial and laboratory applications.
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