Used SHIMADZU TMP-203LM #9083313 for sale

ID: 9083313
Turbo pumps.
SHIMADZU TMP-203LM is a high-performance rotary vane pump designed for achieving reliable liquid pumping over wide flow rate ranges. This direct coupled, precision-machined, and heavy-duty pump can provide precise and repeatable vacuum levels throughout its entire operating range with a maximum drive speed of 3,000 RPM. Its advanced design and construction feature include: Low noise operation (quiet operation - ≤70dBA) Sealed continuous operation for up to 10 hours with maximum capacity of 3m3/hr Automatic lubrication system with low oil consumption Highly efficient cooling system for stable operation Highly reliable long-lasting seals for effective evacuation Intuitive controller for easy and stable operation Automatic control for consistent vacuum levels Auto restart function for safe and energy savings A variety of optional accessories for various applications Compact size and lightweight case suitable for various applications Pre-settable pressure controllers High-efficiency cooling fan Compatible with SSV check valves TMP-203LM is ideal for a range of applications related to vacuum measurements, including: semiconductor manufacturing, chemical research, laboratory tasks, and environmental monitoring. It delivers low noise and clean operation from 0.1 to 1000 Torr, and is capable of achieving repeatable vacuum levels at an evaporation rate of 1.3 or higher. Its lubrication system provides reliable and efficient operation with minimal oil consumption giving it a long service life for consistent vacuum levels. As a rotary vane pump, it can be used with SSV check valves, depending upon application requirements. It has been designed to enable a wide range of performance characteristics, ensuring a reliable flow rate and allowing a deep and stable evacuation. The user-friendly controller makes maintenance simple, and the optional accessories allow it to be used as solutions for all vacuum requirements.
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