Used SHIMADZU TMP-2203LM #156786 for sale

ID: 156786
Vintage: 2006
Turbo molecular pump Specifications: VAT Control Gate Valve with Assag Schweiz Type 84031-R1 DC Motor CKD Model AG34-02-1 Valve with 24VDC Coil Connecting cables for bottom of unit and for DC motor are included Manuals included 2006 vintage.
SHIMADZU TMP-2203LM is a high-precision and versatile pump that is ideal for a variety of research and industrial applications. It has a high-quality, low-pressure liquid metal pumping system with reliable technology that offers accurate and consistent pumping performance. Its stainless steel metal parts and fast switching valves ensure optimal performance, while its programmable motion parameters and digital display allow for precise and repeatable results. The pump operates with a peak flow rate of up to 4.9 ml per minute and a maximum pressure of 0.175 MPa at 25℃. It has an adjustable dispense rate range of 0.01 to 4.9 ml/min and accuracy of ±0.2%. Dispense times can be set from 0.1sec to 999.9sec with an adjustable resolution of 0.1 sec. TMP-2203LM is designed for easy and efficient operation, with clear graphical displays for working, set-up and system configuration. SHIMADZU TMP-2203LM has an ergonomic design and is constructed of durable materials, ensuring a long pump life. It also includes a wide selection of accessories and dispensing heads to suit most applications, including syringe pumps, rotary valves, proportioning valves and spray guns. A universal power supply makes it suitable for use in a variety of countries and regions. TMP-2203LM is designed for reliable and precise liquid metering and dispensing, making it ideal for medical, lab and industrial applications. Its advanced technology and superior design make it a reliable and reliable choice for a range of applications. Its robust construction, excellent operating parameters, and wide selection of accessories make it an ideal choice for precise, repeatable and accurate dispensing.
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