Used SHIMADZU TMP-280 #179767 for sale

ID: 179767
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-280 is a diaphragm pump created by SHIMADU, a leading producer of scientific instruments and detectors. TMP-280 is a high performance, oil-free and maintenance free pump, consisting of a durable, corrosion- resistant diaphragm and motor. It is designed for long-term performance in applications that require adjustment of pressure, or the removal of air and gases from the process. SHIMADZU TMP-280 offers superb performance and repeatability, with a built-in high-precision microprocessor control and an easy-to-use digital monitor. The pump provides precise and accurate pressure control even in systems with contact pressure sensing and a high resolution pressure display for simple and convenient operation. TMP-280 includes a Noise Dampening System (NDS) to reduce acoustic noise and vibration, for quieter and more efficient performance. The NDS, along with the oil-free and maintenance-free design of the pump, make SHIMADZU TMP-280 ideal for use in laboratory and process applications that require low noise and a clean working environment. TMP-280 is designed to be used in continuous and intermittent operation, with a maximum flow of 518 ml /min and up to two multiple-pressure setpoints with automatic segment change. The pressure digital settings can be changed between 20-100 kPa in 1 kPa increments, and the pump is rated to supply nitrogen (N2) at up to 7 bar(g). The pump is equipped with a wide range of port sizes to accommodate a wide range of tubing and accessories. SHIMADZU TMP-280 pump is built with safety and protection in mind, featuring an over-temperature protection cut-off to protect the pump from thermal overload and a multiple-pressure control emergency stop function that can be set to inhibit pump operation in the event of a sudden pressure drop. TMP-280 offers users a reliable and efficient alternative to manual pumping, achieving greater accuracy, better reproducibility and lower maintenance costs than conventional pumps. It is an ideal solution for applications that need frequent adjustment of pressure, or the removal of air and gas from the process.
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