Used SHIMADZU TMP-3003LMEC #9083321 for sale

ID: 9083321
Turbo pumps.
SHIMADZU TMP-3003LMEC is a high-precision, low-noise, water-cooled dry pump. The unit is ideal for vacuum applications in research, medical or industrial sectors. It is characterized by a robust and reliable design with low vibration and exceptional performance. TMP-3003LMEC features a direct-drive motor that runs at a constant low speed. This minimizes the noise and vibration generated by the pump as compared to other designs. The pump is equipped with a water-cooling jacket to ensure efficient heat transfer and improved performance capabilities. It also features a single-phase high-efficiency fan that provides superior cooling performance. The pump is built with a precision engineered gasket equipment and stainless steel vanes that are precisely balanced to ensure tight tolerances. The unit also features a radial piston and diaphragm that operate in a precisely engineered chamber for improved performance and increased efficiency. In addition, SHIMADZU TMP-3003LMEC utilizes an innovative, low-maintenance dual-stage dry pump system that is capable of delivering higher vacuum level than a single-stage unit. This dual-stage dry pump machine reduces the wear and tear on components and facilitates long-term pump service life. Furthermore, the unit has been designed with a user-friendly interface with a polyurethane coating applied to the exterior for maximum protection from debris and dust. Finally, TMP-3003LMEC incorporates an integrated vacuum sensing tool to ensure accurate monitoring of the vacuum chamber. This asset includes an LED gauge display, which provides a visual indication of the vacuum level. Furthermore, the pump has an advanced protection model that prevents overload and shutdown due to overpressure. All these features make SHIMADZU TMP-3003LMEC an excellent choice for vacuum applications in both research and industrial applications.
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