Used SHIMADZU TMP-303LM #9083317 for sale

ID: 9083317
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SHIMADZU TMP-303LM is a powerful, three-stage rotary vacuum pump designed to produce pinpoint accuracy and low running noise. This vacuum pump is capable of producing vacuum up to 133 mbar. SHIMADZU TMP-303 LM is designed for operation from 0-50Hz providing a steady flow and range of vacuum levels suitable for applications such as vacuum control, process equipment, research and analysis and chemical processes. TMP-303LM features a three-stage rotary blower and an inner rubber diaphragm for chemical resistance. The three-stage design allows the pump to supply higher volumes with increased accuracy and lower noise levels. The diaphragm provides long-lasting chemical resistance from corrosive chemicals and vapors. The high-efficiency rotor assembly and low friction seals minimize power consumption and wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting operation. TMP-303 LM also comes with a built-in pressure/vacuum switch, a standard gas ballast valve, a manual exhaust valve and a pressure gauge. The pressure/vacuum switch keeps the pump running at optimal levels for maximum efficiency. The standard gas ballast valve prevents condensation buildup within the pump and maintains a consistent vacuum pressure. The manual exhaust valve allows for release of air from the pump when needed. The pressure gauge enables precise monitoring of atmosphere pressure. SHIMADZU TMP-303LM is made of the highest quality components to ensure reliable and precise operation and is backed by SHIMADZU legendary service and warranty. The included air intake filter allows for filtration to extend the life of the pump and helps improve its efficiency. The pump also offers low vibration levels, making it ideal for any laboratory or research environment. SHIMADZU TMP-303 LM is a reliable, precise and efficient vacuum pump, capable of providing exact standards of vacuum across a variety of applications. Its powerful three-stage rotary blower, robust construction and advanced features make this pump an ideal choice for industries with precise vacuum requirements.
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