Used SHIMADZU TMP-303LMC #9083316 for sale

ID: 9083316
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-303LMC is a high-performance, high-pressure pump known for its exceptional power and performance. It offers a maximum outlet pressure capacity of 30MPa/ 300 bar, making it ideal for a variety of ultra-high pressure applications. It has a high-torque permanent magnet motor that has powerful startup and exceptional stability even in extreme conditions. It is designed for reliable and smooth operation even when pumping fluids with high viscosity and also when used in applications with fluctuations in ambient temperature. TMP-303LMC is equipped with a number of features that make it the perfect choice for various applications. The motor of the pump can be easily adjusted enabling it to run at different speeds. It caters to a wide range of materials, including acids, alkali, and other chemical solutions. It is also equipped with an anti-drift system that ensures accuracy and the ability to maintain a constant pressure. Additionally, it provides quality control, maximum reliability and safety features. The pump is engineered with a safety release valve to prevent excessive pressure conditions and the relief valve allows for precise and adjustable pressure settings. The recovery system allows you to quickly and easily flush the pump after the pressure is released. The robust housing allows for 360° rotation making it easier to move it in areas without awkward adjusting. SHIMADZU TMP-303LMC is a high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use pump. Its reliable operation and robust features make it the perfect solution for a variety of ultra-high pressure applications. It is highly efficient and its precise control and adjustable pressure settings make it ideal for precision applications regardless of the media being processed. Perfect for high-pressure applications in industries such as chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and other fields.
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