Used SHIMADZU TMP-303LMEC-1 #9083314 for sale

ID: 9083314
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-303LMEC-1 is a dual-action piston pump designed for a variety of applications, including high-pressure water jetting, industrial chemical transfer or pumping, and research and development. It is a compact, portable, high-performance pump that is robust enough to handle extreme conditions. Its features include a durable stainless steel construction, a manual pressure control equipment, and a high-speed electric motor. The stainless steel construction of TMP-303LMEC-1 makes it highly resistant to wear and tear, and helps keep it functioning in extreme temperatures and other harsh environments. The manual pressure control system of the pump enables users to adjust the pressure for any given task, as well as monitor the pressure to make sure it is operating within the desired parameters. The high-speed electric motor of the pump provides a strong and reliable power source, contributing to its impressive performance and efficiency. SHIMADZU TMP-303LMEC-1 has a dual-action piston design, which features a single-piston process for both suction and discharge. This allows for efficient liquid transfer and high-pressure applications, such as water jetting and industrial chemical transfer. The pump is also capable of performing precise measurements with its pressure sensor, so that exact pressure levels can be monitored. Another great feature of this pump is its filter unit, which helps ensure its peak performance by preventing debris from entering the pump. TMP-303LMEC-1 is easy to install and operate, and comes with a protective housing to help protect its components from potential damage. The pump is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to move and store. Additionally, SHIMADZU TMP-303LMEC-1 comes with a variety of accessories and features, such as a suction hose, suction filter, pressure gauge, quick disconnect valves, adapters, and extensions. Overall, TMP-303LMEC-1 is a powerful and durable pump designed to handle even the most demanding tasks. It features a stainless steel construction and a manual pressure control machine, and has a dual-action piston design for efficient liquid transfer and precise measurement. Additionally, it comes with a filter tool, protective housing, and a range of accessories.
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