Used SHIMADZU TMP-3203 #179752 for sale

ID: 179752
Turbo pumps.
SHIMADZU TMP-3203 pump is an industrial grade, highly accurate, yet robust and reliable mechanical pump. It features a plunger type of operation and is designed to be fail-safe in the event of any potential problem. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 10 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 100 bar. It has a specially designed suction chamber that allows for improved draw speed and reduced air entrainment, resulting in better performance and reduced noise. The robust construction and rigid body design of TMP-3203 pump enable it to tolerate higher flow rates and pressures without any adverse effects. The pump is equipped with an operating range of 10 to 40 bar, temperature range of -10 to 50 ºC and a maximum operating temperature of 70 ºC. The shaft drive for SHIMADZU TMP-3203 pump is powered by an external drive source, such as a motor, to ensure adequate power and torque delivery. The pump can be installed directly to the drive source, or as a standalone unit. A unique dual-start feature is provided for faster and smoother starts. This state-of-the-art, robustly designed pump is ideal for a wide range of environments, temperatures, and process applications. This pump also features SHIMADZU patented recirculation equipment, which ensures continuous operation, even in the event of an unexpected start or shutoff. TMP-3203 pump features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and an anodized aluminum frame that ensures long-term durability in harsh environments. SHIMADZU TMP-3203 pump also features a built-in circuit control system, which can be programmed to monitor and adjust the pump's performance, thus reducing the workload of operations personnel. The control panel also permits changes in settings for the pressure, speed, rate of flow, and temperature range, and the unit can be connected directly to the PLC for further enhanced control. Additionally, a reset button and lockout switch are also provided for emergency shutoff. TMP-3203 is a reliable, robust, and highly accurate pump ideally suited for industrial and process applications. It features an efficient drive machine and the built-in control tool increases the level of safety during operations. The pump is UL certified and is compliant with safety regulations. The rugged construction and superior performance of SHIMADZU TMP-3203 ensure longevity and a quality product for years to come.
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