Used SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC-A1 #9080609 for sale

ID: 9080609
Vintage: 2003
Turbo molecular pumps Controller: EI-3203MD 2003 vintage.
SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC-A1 is a high-pressure, regular-duty diaphragm liquid pump for use in laboratory, industrial, and other general-purpose applications. This pump produces a constant, medium-to-high pressure output of up to 25 Bar (at up to 1200 rpm) while maintaining its accuracy and precision. Its air-forged aluminum alloy body is lightweight and rugged, able to withstand high operational pressures and withstand corrosion, while its efficient design enables it to reduce energy consumption. TMP-3203LMC-A1 can be used in a variety of applications and operating conditions, equipped with a number of features such as adjustable pressure settings, pressure transducers and indicators, and a built-in oil-resistant diaphragm for use in arduous environments. Its pressure regulating system allows for accurate pressure control, with three adjustable flow patterns to provide even distribution of output. In addition, its exceptional suction capabilities enable it to draw from depths as low as 5 m. SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC-A1 features a motor located in a double S-shaped casing for cooling and insulation, and includes a safety valve assembly in order to protect the pump from damage due to overpressure. The pump itself utilizes a combination of carbon-graphite bearings and torque support bearings, while other vital components are made from materials such as plastic and Titanium. TMP-3203LMC-A1 is equipped with a variety of user-friendly controls, making setup and operation easy. The device has an intuitive console interface and displays real-time data such as pump pressure, temperature, rotational speed, and vibration. It allows for automatic temperature compensation, helps to conserve energy and prevents heating of the pump, and can be remotely controlled via an optional control unit. Overall, SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC-A1 is a reliable and efficient pump which stands up to rigorous use. Its lightweight construction and protected motor make it well-suited to handling demanding industrial and laboratory applications, while its features and user-friendly controls make it ideal for general-purpose use.
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