Used SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC #123153 for sale

ID: 123153
Turbo molecular pumps.
SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC is a high-performance diaphragm pump, designed for precise pressure and flow control. This high-quality pump delivers superior performance in a variety of fluid delivery processes, including volumetric dosing, liquid transfer and sample aspiration. TMP-3203LMC is reliable and built to last, with features to ensure optimal performance. SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC features an in-built 24-volt DC motor with a pumping capacity of up to 120 liters/hour. This enables a high-capacity pumping speed for more efficient liquid transfer. Additionally, the adjustable speed settings give users the flexibility to precisely set and control the pressure and flow rate according to their requirements. The pump also features a percent speed display for accuracy and ease of monitoring. TMP-3203LMC is equipped with advanced air protection systems, such as a built-in air trap, exhaust valve and air filter. This ensures that air is efficiently evacuated from the system, preventing the formation of liquid-gas-gas emulsions, and helping to optimize the performance of the pump. The pump is also equipped with a mechanical pressure gauge for precise pressure control. This helps to ensure that the pump operates at the required pressure settings. Furthermore, the user can easily monitor the level of the liquid being pumped, as the pump has a viewing window with internal marking. SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC is highly reliable and robust, with a strong body made from stainless steel and other high-grade materials. TMP-3203LMC comes with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind. Overall, SHIMADZU TMP-3203LMC is a high-performance diaphragm pump, designed to deliver precise pressure and flow control. It is equipped with advanced features, ensuring the best possible performance and reliability. Its robust and durable construction makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.
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