Used SHIMADZU TMP-3403 #179753 for sale

ID: 179753
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-3403 is a rugged, dependable and high-performance vacuum pump designed for the most demanding applications. It is an advanced, direct-drive diaphragm pump that offers superior pumping performance for a variety of applications. This pump is designed to provide long service life and low maintenance requirements due to its carefully designed materials and construction. TMP-3403 operates at a speed of 0-200Hz and has a maximum output of 4.90 mbar/L/s. It also features an innovative oil-free and direct-drive design which eliminates the need for gearbox-related components, resulting in a lightweight and compact unit. This pump is constructed of a durable cast iron housing, aluminum alloy blocks and stainless steel impeller/diaphragm. It is also corrosion resistant, which results in a longer operational life. SHIMADZU TMP-3403 is equipped with several features, such as a graphical user interface and a built-in CPU, which provide easy control and operation. The vacuum pressure can be adjusted via a built-in switch, while the pump speed is adjustable with a speed control dial. The built-in CPU also has the capability to store up to ten user-selectable set points, providing flexibility to easily change the operating parameters. TMP-3403 also features an auto-stop function which automatically stops the pump when the set pressure is reached. SHIMADZU TMP-3403 is created with the latest in Japanese engineering technology and is capable of providing reliable performance for demanding industrial applications. Its advanced construction materials, small size and low operating temperature make it suitable for many applications that require high-performance pumps. In addition, its easy operation, graphical user interface and auto-stop function makes it ideal for applications that require precise, reliable and cost-effective pumping solutions.
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