Used SHIMADZU TMP-3403LMTC #123154 for sale

ID: 123154
Turbo molecular pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-3403LMTC is a rotary vane pump that's ideally suited for applications in which low-pressure, high-vacuum pumping needs to be performed. The pump features a two-stage rotary vane mechanism which ensures that the pump is quiet, with low vibration levels. It has a high pumping speed of 33m3/h and can reach an ultimate pressure of 6 x 10-3mbar. Due to the low ultimate pressure, the pump is applicable for a wide range of ultrapure pumping applications, such as medical, analytical and semiconductor instrumentation. TMP-3403LMTC is equipped with a servo motor, which enables the pump to automatically switch between the two stages to best effect based on the device's current performance needs. It achieves this through the monitoring of both inlet and outlet pressures, providing precise speed control along with quiet operation. The pump can also be manually set for manual speed selection. SHIMADZU TMP-3403LMTC is equipped with high-temperature seals that can operate even in extreme operating temperatures. It is also equipped with a safety valve and a flow valve for convenience and safety. Both of these valves are adjustable, allowing users to easily control the flow rate of the pump. TMP-3403LMTC is also equipped with a thermal sensor that monitors the temperature of the oil used in the pump to ensure its performance. The sensor will shut down the pump if the temperature rises higher than a set factor. This safety feature will protect the pump from sustained high temperatures. The pump is designed to sit on a workbench and can require either a single or three phase power source, depending on the user's needs. SHIMADZU TMP-3403LMTC has an oil-mist filter and part of the outside casing has been made with oil mist proof plastic. TMP-3403LMTC uses an oil-injected lip-seal as the primary mechanism to make sure that the pump is lubricated while running and to improve the longevity of the pump. The rotational speed of the pump can be adjusted manually by the user and the pump is capable of running either continuously or at intermittent intervals. In summary, SHIMADZU TMP-3403LMTC is an ideal choice for users who need a dependable and high-performance rotary vane pump for their low-pressure, high vacuum applications. The pump features a two-stage rotary vane mechanism, servo motor, adjustable flow valve and safety thermal sensor. It also has a high pumping speed and can reach an ultimate pressure of 6 x 10-3mbar. The pump uses the oil-injected lip-seal for lubrication and is considered suitable for demanding ultrapure applications.
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