Used SHIMADZU TMP-403 #179754 for sale

ID: 179754
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-403 is a high-tech, innovative series of multi-stage, high-flow oil free rotary piston pumps. This product from SHIMADZU accommodates various applications in the fields of industrial, medical, analytical and vacuum related processes. TMP-403 series boast excellent performance, utilizing a special mechanism which is designed with high efficiency and lower power consumption in mind. The pump operates without the need for oil, which eliminates oil lubrication and the possibility of oil vapor generation. Additionally, due to the fact that the pump is oil-free, it also has a high tolerance level towards dust and other particles. The pressure and pumping equipment of SHIMADZU TMP-403 is also quite advanced. The product is composed of an integrated cylinder/piston assembly, which is connected to a drive system. This drive unit consists of a motor, a reduction gear mechanism and a drive belt. The motor powers the reduction gear mechanism which activates the cylinder/piston assembly, allowing for compression and pumping. TMP-403 also features a closed vacuum loop, allowing for continuous flow and extraction during operations. This machine also helps protect the rotating parts, minimizing wear and tear. Additionally, the overall performance of SHIMADZU TMP-403 is further improved by an in-built pressure regulating mechanism which helps fine tune the pressure range of the tool. The pump is also designed to be user-friendly and efficient to operate. It comes equipped with a multi-view display panel located on the front of the pump, which allows for easy monitoring and controlling. TMP-403 also includes an automatic speed control asset, allowing for smoother operations and less electrical consumption. The many features and functions of SHIMADZU TMP-403 make it an attractive option for those looking for greater control and efficiency over oil free rotary piston pump operations. By utilizing advanced technologies and design, SHIMADZU has created an extremely reliable and robust product which is sure to provide years of reliable use.
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