Used SHIMADZU TMP-802 LM #9083260 for sale

TMP-802 LM
ID: 9083260
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-802 LM is a type of displacement precision pump designed to provide precise and accurate flow for a variety of scientific research applications. It is a digital, computer-controlled, high-vacuum pump that is ideal for use as a feed or extraction pump in a laboratory setup with a variety of gases, liquids, and vapors. The pump has a large, durable powder-coated case that is built to last and is designed to be easily maintainable. The pump features an easy to read LCD screen that provides real-time information about flow rate, temperature, pressure, and other relevant data points. It is capable of producing a vacuum level of up to 0.0005 torr and has an adjustable pumping speed of up to 100ml/min. The pump is equipped with a range of internal safety features such as a temperature-controlled motor and two independent pressure sensors for improved safety and reliability. The pump has a range of connectivity features including a USB port and an Ethernet port. This allows for simple and reliable communication between the pump and a host computer where parameters can be easily adjusted. The pump also includes a variety of preset protocols for operation and control of the pumping process and comes with a set of accessories including flexible vacuum tubes and a gas ballast valve to help regulate the internal pressure. TMP-802 LM is designed for simple, reliable and precise operation in a variety of industrial and research applications. It is compatible with a range of liquids and gases and is suitable for use with both vacuum chambers and pressure containers. Its simple design, powerful internal mechanisms, and internal safety features make this an ideal choice for laboratories requiring precision pumping.
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