Used SHIMADZU TMP-802 #179770 for sale

ID: 179770
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-802 is a highly reliable, wide-ranging and versatile high-pressure pumping equipment designed for multiple uses such as industrial and life science applications. TMP-802 has a minimum speed of 20mL/min and is able to pump up to 7MPa of pressure. It features a simple and intuitive LCD display with an adjustable flow rate and pressure settings, allowing for precise control over the operation. SHIMADZU TMP-802 is a versatile and rugged pump system featuring a durable stainless steel-reinforced body that can handle challenging work environments. It is equipped with a dual-chamber design for efficient heat transfer and increased rigidity, as well as an adjustable bearing housing for easy maintenance and repair. Additionally, TMP-802 is capable of pumping over a wide temperature range of -20°C to 300°C. SHIMADZU TMP-802 is designed with a powerful direct current motor, allowing the unit to operate with improved efficiency and pump higher pressures. This motor supports two different modes of operation: continuous speed and constant pressure. The variable speed control feature of TMP-802 allows users to adjust the speed (up to 7MPa) of the pump easily and quickly. This pumping machine is equipped with several safety features such as an emergency shut-off switch, an overpressure detector and an overvoltage protector. All these safety features make SHIMADZU TMP-802 a reliable and safe pump for various industrials processes. TMP-802 is a long-lasting, maintenance-free pumping tool that provides users with a reliable and precise control of the flow rate and pressure. The advanced motor design and robust construction of SHIMADZU TMP-802 make it an ideal choice for various industries that require a reliable and versatile pumping asset. TMP-802 is a long-lasting, durable and maintenance-free pump that is capable of meeting the most rigorous operational requirements.
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