Used SHIMADZU TMP-803 #179757 for sale

ID: 179757
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-803 pump is a vacuum and pressure transfer system designed to facilitate precision transfers between external processes, such as sample collection and testing. The pump is capable of providing highly accurate transfer of liquids and gases with optimal control and minimum chance of contamination. It is suitable for use in a range of application settings, such as pharmaceutical, medical, and environmental. TMP-803 is a versatile and reliable pump, equipped with a range of features. It is equipped with a powerful, high-speed lubricated piston compressor that enables fast transfer between processes. It has a simple, robust and easy-to-maintain construction, making it ideal for use in both laboratory and industrial settings. The pump is also equipped with an adjustable vacuum range and an adjustable pressure range, allowing the operator to easily adjust to changes in the external environment. This reliable pump features a wide range of safety features. It is equipped with safety valves to ensure that pressure is kept within the safe range, and an overload protection system to prevent any damage caused by overloading. Additionally, the pump is backed by a high-quality three-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will remain reliable for years to come. SHIMADZU TMP-803 is energy-efficient, consuming 1.8kWh/h, and it is built to last, constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminium body. The pump is also equipped with a flow control device that helps the user to control the transfer rate precisely and boost efficiency. TMP-803 is the perfect choice for any laboratory or industrial setting. Its reliable performance and range of features ensure that any transfer process between external processes can be performed quickly, accurately, and safely. The pump is also built to last, offering reliable performance and dependability for years to come.
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