Used SHIMADZU TMP-H3603LMC-A1 #9083318 for sale

ID: 9083318
Turbo pumps.
SHIMADZU TMP-H3603LMC-A1 is a highly advanced steam turbine pump designed for the most demanding industrial applications. This powerful and precise instrument is ideal for supplying a wide range of fluids from a single source, such as water, oil and fuel mixtures. The turbine pump features a direct, single-stage, axial-oflux design for improved operation and reliability. It is constructed from high-grade materials, including stainless steel and advanced plastic injection molded components. The turbine pump utilizes dynamic transmission technology to optimize its output pressure, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. It also features thermal maintenance capability, allowing for improved heat dissipation. SHIMADZU TMP-H 3603 LMC-A 1 is equipped with several advanced features, including an adjustable suction filter, robust construction, and a high-pressure shaft seal system. The pump can be easily integrated into existing piping systems, making it ideal for high-purity and high-temperature liquid handling. It is also designed with an external pressure regulating valve, helping to maintain safe operation when pumping liquids of different viscosities. TMP-H3603LMC-A1 comes with comprehensive control features, making it easy to manage. Its integrated pumps control system provides real-time monitoring of operation, temperature, and flow. The pump itself also features automatic diagnostic testing, pressure control, and self-cleaning functions. TMP-H 3603 LMC-A 1 is an ideal choice for industrial applications that require reliable, high-pressure pumping. It is designed to provide high performance, energy efficiency, and ergonomic features. With its high-grade materials and advanced technology, the pump ensures maximum accuracy and dependability to accommodate a variety of fluids.
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