Used SIEMENS GP100A #9100551 for sale

ID: 9100551
Blower, 3 HP RPM: 2920.
SIEMENS GP100A pump is part of the GP range from SIEMENS and is a heavy-duty pump that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. This is a single-stage, radially split centrifugal pump designed for long service life with minimal maintenance. GP100A has been developed to withstand extremes in temperature and pressure, making it suitable for use in extreme environments. It is composed of robust, corrosion-resistant components, and features an external wear ring that provides improved efficiency and longer life. In terms of performance, SIEMENS GP100A has a maximum capacity of up to 100 cubic meters per hour, and a maximum head of up to 55 m. It can operate at a speed of up to 1750 RPM, and provides a low flow rate of 1 - 10 m/s. The pump operates efficiently between density ranges of 1200 - 8000 kg/m3. This pump has two connections for the inlet and outlet on the pump casing, and one connection for a thermal sensor if desired. The construction of GP100A is cast iron with a bronze impeller, and the bearings are dynamically balanced and held in place with locknuts. The seal housing is temperature and pressure-tested before leaving the factory. The pump is resistant to cavitation and can handle temperatures ranging from 0 - 100°C, and pressures up to 12 bars. SIEMENS GP100A is also equipped with a back pull-out design, making it easy to repair and maintain. To ensure the pump is able to resist corrosion, it is electroplated and ten-lathed for a smooth finish. The motor is also electrically protected from voltage spikes, and other forms of electrical loads. SIEMENS GP pump can handle a wide range of fluids without sediments or solids, including water, petroleum products, and other process liquids. This pump also provides a high level of reliability, with a typical lifespan of up to 10 years depending on operating conditions. Additionally, GP100A is easy to install and can be used in many different types of applications.
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