Used SPECTRA PHYSICS P1000 #127135 for sale

ID: 127135
Isocratic Pump.
SPECTRA PHYSICS P1000 pump is a diaphragm-type vacuum pump used to create an airtight seal in large vacuum-operated systems. It is designed to provide a reliable, accurate and efficient operation in an industrial and laboratory setting. As a single-stage pump, P1000 is capable of reaching a working vacuum of 10 mbar. The pump is designed to be run continuously, so it can effectively handle even the most demanding of applications without any damage to the system. SPECTRA PHYSICS P1000 features a direct drive motor, which makes itoperates at a maximum speed of 1,000 RPM with both inlet and outlet ports. It combines die-cast aluminum body and cast iron components, making the pump highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. The motor is protected by an integrated 4-pole thermal protection device that keeps the motor running at the optimal operating temperature, and an overload start-up feature for controlled start-ups of the diaphragm. It is equipped with a large air intake filter that prevents contamination and dirt from entering the chamber and damaging the diaphragm. P1000 is easy to install and is also maintenance-friendly. Its combination of Duraterm technology and advanced temperature regulation technology ensures that the pump stays running at optimum temperatures to ensure the best possible performance. With its high operating vacuum and capacity, SPECTRA PHYSICS P1000 is ideal for vacuum chambers, gloveboxes, and other systems that require a high vacuum. It is also suited for water-cooling applications, and can be operated with piping and tubing up to 12mm in diameter. P1000 pump is designed to provide reliable, accurate and efficient operation for a variety of applications. It features a robust design and construction that makes it ideal for use in laboratory and industrial applications, and is also maintenance-friendly. Its combination of advanced features, including its direct drive motor and reliable overload start-up feature, make SPECTRA PHYSICS P1000 pump an excellent choice for a wide range of vacuum applications.
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