Used SPECTRA PHYSICS P1500 #127133 for sale

ID: 127133
Vintage: 1992
Binary Isocratic Pump, 1992 vintage.
SPECTRA PHYSICS P1500 is a long-life, high-performance industrial oil-sealed pump designed for use in advanced scientific and industrial research applications. It offers exceptional performance and reliable operation in vacuum pumping applications. P1500 is ideally suited to vacuums where a high level of performance, excellent ultimate vacuum and low cost operation are key requirements. The pump is designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability in a variety of applications, and its oil-sealed design ensures a steady, low power operation and quiet operation. Made from the highest quality components and materials, SPECTRA PHYSICS P1500 is designed for a long service life. Its comprehensive design incorporates a high-efficiency oil-sump, specially designed oil seal, internal pressure balance system, precision balanced impellers and high quality motor bearings. P1500's oil-sealed pumping design provides excellent ultimate vacuum levels and excellent pumping speed control. It is capable of providing up to 32 m³/hour pumping speed, and can maintain a suitable vacuum level down to 10-3 mbar. The pump is also capable of achieving ultimate vacuum levels of 10-6 mbar or lower, depending on the application and the operating temperature. The use of the quality components ensures that SPECTRA PHYSICS P1500 is capable of maintaining a consistent, low noise operation and a minimum life-cycle of 500,000 hours without requiring any lubrication. P1500 can be used with solar traps, turbo molecular pumps, and diffusion pumps, when the system requires a higher level of vacuum and pumping capacity. Its versatility make it suitable for a broad range of applications, ranging from creation of high vacuum chambers and vacuum drying to surface science and chemical processes. SPECTRA PHYSICS P1500 is backed by a full 12 month warranty and includes comprehensive customer technical support, as well as on-site service and maintenance to ensure reliable operation and maximum performance throughout its service life.
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