Used SPECTRA PHYSICS SP8810 #151156 for sale

ID: 151156
Precision isocratic pumps.
SPECTRA PHYSICS SP8810 is a diaphragm pump technology ideally-suited for precision delivery and long service life in industrial, scientific, and medical applications requiring controlled fluid flow. It is made to last and provides dependable performance over a long period of time. This pump features a low operating cost with a simple design that is easy to maintain. This pump is capable of reliably and accurately transferring a range of different liquids including volatile solvents and high viscosity solutions. SP8810 is an air-cooled pump that does not require an external cooling system. The diaphragm enables SPECTRA PHYSICS SP8810 to deliver superior performance for a broad range of chemical applications. This pump has a compact design which makes it well-suited for applications such as industrial laboratories, analytical instruments, and chemical processing plants. SP8810 is also able to run dry without causing any damage. SPECTRA PHYSICS SP8810 utilizes Gas Strut Loading (GSL) to help achieve consistent and accurate transfer accuracy. This system also enables the pump to reliably deliver at low pressure ranges and maintains accuracy over time. SP8810 also uses a flange-mounted direct-drive motor that produces minimal vibration which reduces wear and tear on the pump. The pump also has an adjustable speed knob which enables adjustments to the flow rate of the pump over time. SPECTRA PHYSICS SP8810 has an impressive chemical compatibility which allows it to transfer a wide range of chemicals safely and effectively. This includes highly aggressive or volatile materials such as organic solvents and acids. The construction of the pump also features a hard coat anodizing aluminium housing which provides superior resistance to corrosive environments. In conclusion, SP8810 is a reliable and robust diaphragm pump used for precision fluid transfer. It operates with low noise and a small form factor at a competitive cost. SPECTRA PHYSICS SP8810 is designed for exceptional performance, improved accuracy, and long service life.
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