Used SPEEDIVAC ED50 #135743 for sale

ID: 135743
High vacuum pump.
SPEEDIVAC ED50 pump is a reliable and user-friendly industrial pump that can be used to transfer and circulate liquids, including water, alcohol, and antifreeze. ED50 pump is powered by a single-phase, permanent-magnet motor with built-in thermal overload protection. It has a 1/2 hp power rating with a maximum flow rate of 10 gpm. SPEEDIVAC ED50 pump is also designed to run continually without surging or cavitating towards system shutoff. This centrifugal pump employs an adjustable mechanical seal that spins at 15,000 rpm to prevent fluid leakage. Its specially designed impeller is made from tough, wear-resistant cast iron and will operate at a maximum temperature of 300 degrees F. ED50 pump has a self-priming volute that ensures smooth flow even at high pressure levels and helps to maintain a consistent flow rate. Additionally, it contains an isolated motor for quiet operation. SPEEDIVAC ED50 pump's automatic control valve calibrates flow to the desired setting so that it control the pressure in the system. And when the end of the pressure range is reached, the valve shuts off the flow, preventing pressure and flow reversals. This feature is particularly useful because it ensures maximum safety and efficient operation as the pump is protected from pressure overloads. Despite its small size (only 7.6 inches in length and 6.8 inches in width), ED50 pump is incredibly durable and can handle pressures up to 250 psi. It is also manufactured with unique features for easy servicing and maintenance, such as a tool-less cover for the motor, an adjustable carbon face seal, and oversized lube ports. This pump is ETL and CE marked for safety and quality. With an affordable price, SPEEDIVAC ED50 pump has become a popular choice for industrial applications due to its compact size, simple operation and long-lasting performance.
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