Used SPENCER 75HP #165735 for sale

ID: 165735
Turbine Vacuum System Centrifugal Blower 32000 cfm (2) barrel cartridges.
SPENCER 75HP pump is a heavy duty, high-capacity wastewater pump designed to handle wastewater and sewage materials. Its robust and reliable construction can handle the toughest pumping applications safely and effectively. It has a range of 75 horsepower and is capable of handling flow rates of up to 600 gallons per minute. This makes it an ideal choice for large scale municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. The pump is built with a durable construction utilizing steel, stainless steel, and other composite materials to ensure optimal performance in demanding environments. It utilizes a double-seal volute design that prevents leakage and allows for a long service life. This can be compounded by additional hardening processes like chrome plate or hard-faced shafting to further extend its service life. It also features a custom engineered seal housing and impeller which provide excellent hydraulic performance and pressure management. In terms of operations, 75HP pump is self-priming and can handle solids up to 1.5 inches. It includes an efficient belt drive design and an oversized bearing housing for reduced vibration and smoother operation. It is also equipped with an oversized bearing housing with heavier oil than standard pump models, which helps ensure increased bearing life. Additionally, it includes a FHP motor and TEFC motor that are both high efficiency and offer reduced operating costs. Finally, SPENCER 75HP pump includes a variety of safety features for added protection during operation. These include an overload protection system, motor short-circuit protection, and an automatic thermal shut off feature. It also has both manual and automatic suction and discharge check valves, as well as a pressure relief valve and a pressure switch, which help to prevent over-pressurization and other potential problems associated with excessive pressure in the system. Overall, 75HP Pump is a reliable, high-capacity wastewater pump that can handle a variety of demanding applications. Its robust construction and durable design coupled with its wide range of safety features make it an excellent choice for many different types of pumping systems.
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