Used STOKES 005-2 #9095819 for sale

ID: 9095819
Rotary Vane Pump Displacement: 12 CMH Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air.
STOKES 005-2 is a positive displacement pump, which operates by trapping a fixed volume of liquid inside a chamber and then repeatedly pumping it out with a piston or a diaphragm. It achieves a continuous flow of liquid output in the form of a pulsed flow, thanks to the action of the eccentric drive. This pump is highly efficient and reliable, thanks to its simple design and its minimal friction coefficient. 005-2 is composed of two main parts: the pump body and the output unit. The pump body contains the drive, which consists of an internal combustion (Gasoline, Diesel or gas) engine, electric motor or a gearbox. Furthermore, the pump body contains the pumping element, typically a piston, plunger, or diaphragm, which is usually actuated by an eccentric crank attached to the drive shaft. The output unit usually comprises of a rotating shaft, which is connected to the drive shaft via a freewheel bearing. STOKES 005-2 has a single-acting design, which allows it to provide a continuous flow rate. This flow rate is regulated by two parameters, namely, the size of the displacement chamber and the speed at which the drive is operated. The displacement chamber is regulated by adjusting the stroke length, and the flow rate can be increased or decreased by adjusting the speed of the drive. 005-2 is primarily used to transfer fuel, water, or other liquids in the industrial markets. It offers several advantages over other types of pumps, including high flow rates, superior pressure, low operating costs, and low noise levels. Furthermore, the pump features robust construction, and the wear parts are simple to maintain. In summary, STOKES 005-2 pump is a reliable and highly efficient positive displacement pump, which offers versatile and continuous flow of liquids. Thanks to its simple construction, minimal friction coefficients, low operating costs, low noise levels, and robust construction, it is ideal for industrial applications requiring a reliable and efficient transfer of water, fuel, or other liquids.
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