Used STOKES 1532 OBC #127113 for sale

1532 OBC
ID: 127113
Pump with controls Power: 208V, 3 Ph ASA inlet flange.
STOKES 1532 OBC (Oil Bath Conversion) is a versatile pump designed for high-performance, reliable pumping. This pump combines both high-efficiency design and low-friction operation, while also utilizing a unique oil bath conversion equipment. For operation, 1532 OBC provides an efficient, low-friction design. A specially engineered alloy-cased impeller assists in reducing bearing loads, while the extended-shaft seal effectively prevents leakages or any oil draining. When combined, these features help to ensure reliable operation and long lifetimes for the pump. In terms of power, STOKES 1532 OBC provides a robust solution. An oil-filled motor is combined with a cast iron bearing-and-ball bearing housing system to provide durability, while the large fan aids in cooling and noise reduction. This unit runs well-supported by a Fuchs Gear Reduction Machine, which helps transfer power from the motor to the impeller ensuring maximum performance. For durability and longevity, 1532 OBC utilizes a unique double-shaft lubricated sealing tool. This double-shaft asset enables the pump to run in temperatures as high as 200°F/93°C without the likelihood of seal failure. Additional features, such as motor overload prevention and a corrosion-resistant coating, ensure long-term operation in less-than-ideal conditions. STOKES 1532 OBC is an excellent pump for high-performance, low-friction operation. Its robust design and double-shaft lubricated sealing model provide maximum performance and durability while protecting against oil leakage and grinding challenges. On top of that, the Fuchs Gear Reduction Equipment coupled with the oil-filled motor provide a reliable, powerful solution for a variety of pumping purposes.
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