Used STOKES 412H #9065592 for sale

ID: 9065592
Piston pump.
STOKES 412H is a heavy-duty, commercial-grade double-diaphragm pump that offers superior performance for a wide variety of liquid handling applications. With a robust, yet lightweight construction, 412H is a perfect choice for industrial-scale operations. STOKES 412H pump is designed with heavy-duty polypropylene center blocks and end frames, providing superior durability and reliability even in harsh environments. The diaphragms are constructed of durable Santoprene material, making them resistant to a variety of chemicals and temperatures up to 130°F (54°C). The smooth, clog-proof internal pumping chamber allows for easy, one-handed cleaning and maintenance access. Additionally, the metal encapsulated valves and hard anodized aluminum housing further protect the internal components from wear and tear. The pump provides high suction lift capabilities, allowing it to handle a wide range of viscosity levels. The double diaphragm design provides an additional level of durability by ensuring that the diaphragms remain pressurized even minuscule temperatures and pressures are encountered. The model 412H is capable of pumping a maximum flow rate of 11 gpm (41.6 lpm) and has a maximum fluid pressure of 25 psi (1.7 bar). The pump is fitted with a NEMA 56C reversible motor with Class F insulation, making it both efficient and reliable. STOKES 412H is a rugged, reliable pump capable of tackling numerous fluid handling applications in demanding and harsh conditions. Its construction and design make it an ideal choice for industrial or commercial applications, and its double diaphragm construction helps to ensure that it remains operational in extreme conditions.
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