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STOKES 412J-14
ID: 153453
Piston Vacuum pump P/N: ED-412J13-R 300CFM pumping speed 4" ASA Inlet / 3" NPT Exhaust connection Pump Model: ED-A900412014 10HP, 230/460V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase operation Water cooled Prepared for hydrocarbon oil.
STOKES 412J-14 is a positive displacement pump used to transfer high viscosity fluids. It is a rotary pump and is suitable for both intermittent and continuous operations. The pump is constructed from cast iron, with a ductile iron cast impeller. The pump has 13 vanes that are designed to support a variety of viscosity ratings up to 60,000 cps. The vanes are connected to the drive shaft, which has a maximum operating speed of 1,800 RPM. The pump shaft is supported in two bronze bearings, which minimize wear. 412J-14 is filled and emptied through a baffled inlet, preventing the formation of eddies and encouraging the smooth flow of fluid. The inlet is connected to the pump chamber, where the fluid is forced through the rotating vanes and impeller. The impeller increases the pressure of the pumped fluid, and it is expelled through the outlet. The performance of the pump is maintained by the use of wear plates, which protect the vanes from damage. The blades are also protected from wear by a highly wear-resistant carbon/copper alloy coating. These two features together ensure long-term durability and reliability. STOKES 412J-14 is designed to operate in temperatures up to 140°F (60°C) without loss of performance. The pump has a maximum pressure rating of 125 psi and can handle up to 80 GPM. It is equipped with two oil-level indicator plugs, which keep the user informed of the pump's lubrication status. The pump is also available in a vertical configuration, allowing for its installation in a low-ceiling environment. 412J-14 is an efficient and reliable solution for high-viscosity fluid transfers. With proper maintenance and protection against wears, it can provide many years of reliable service.
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