Used STOKES 615-402 #175580 for sale

STOKES 615-402
ID: 175580
Vacuum Blower.
STOKES 615-402 is a self-priming centrifugal pump designed for use in a wide variety of applications. The pump can handle both liquids and gases, and is suitable for use in a variety of industries including industrial, irrigation, and municipal applications. The pump is driven by a variable speed electric motor, which allows for precise control of the pump's performance. The pump housing is constructed from premium quality cast iron, and is coated in an electro-statically applied hydrophilic epoxy paint that ensures excellent corrosion resistance. The pump casing also features an integral overflow port, which helps to prevent overfilling of the pump chamber and promotes cooling. 615-402 features an open-style impeller that is designed to reduce vibration and noise, while maximizing efficiency and head capabilities. The impeller is dynamically balanced to reduce pumped liquid noise to low levels, ensuring reliable pump operation. The pump also features an adjustable impeller clearance design that allows for the adjustment of specific pump parameters including the flow and pressure characteristics. The impeller is also statically and dynamically balanced which ensures smooth, consistent performance and reduced maintenance needs. In addition, STOKES 615-402 features a large inlet port which allows for larger flows and higher efficiencies when pumping liquids or gases. The pump is also equipped with a heavy-duty seal, which is suitable for both liquids and gases and helps to reduce the internal power loss associated with pumping liquids and gases. 615-402 is a reliable, highly efficient centrifugal pump that is designed for extreme operating conditions. The pump is designed for continuous performance and long life without the need for frequent maintenance or repairs. The quality construction and innovative design provide reliable, efficient operation for a wide range of applications.
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