Used STOKES 885-15B #127112 for sale

STOKES 885-15B
ID: 127112
Dry pump with CAN-301 blower Filled with Y25-6 Fomblin frame with controls Power: 208V, 3 Ph 4" ASA inlet flange water cooled.
STOKES 885-15B is a high-pressure, double-acting, reciprocating pump. It is a bellow-displacement, unit-drive pump, meaning it utilizes the pulsating motion of an elastic bellow material for displacement. This pump is designed for low-pressure, medium-flow applications such as priming of water systems, circulation of fluids and sampling applications. 885-15B features a double-acting head and body end construction. It has a capacity of six liters with a maximum working pressure of up to 4000 PSI. This pump is most suitable for pumping liquids that are petroleum derivates, oil, water, air or gases without abrasives or particles. The pump consists of a cylinder and piston mounted to a rigid base. It is powered by an electric motor that is connected to a drive rod. The drive rod is powered by a sleeve-type shaft which is connected to the piston. The drive rod imparts motion to the piston which, in turn, displaces the bellow material in the pump head and forces out the liquid. As the bellow material expands, more liquid is allowed to enter and the cycle repeats. STOKES 885-15B provides excellent pumping characteristics and maximum resistance to pressure. It is designed with a flow rate up to three gallons per minute, a twenty-two decibels sound level and a one hundred fifty pounds per square inch internal safety valve. 885-15B has a cast aluminum-body with a stainless steel piston and bellow material. It is ideal for use in various industrial settings such as hydraulic presses, filling machines, hydraulic systems and hydraulic workstations. This pump is resistant to corrosion, has a good reliability and long life expectancy. STOKES 885-15B is easy to install and maintain, and comes with a range of accessories and spare parts such as a relief valve and a filter regulator. It is shipped with full safety instructions and ISO 9001 & 14001 certification. Overall, 885-15B is a reliable and efficient pumping solution for low-pressure, medium-flow applications. Its efficient and economical design makes it the preferred choice for many applications.
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