Used STOKES 912H-10 #9090554 for sale

STOKES 912H-10
ID: 9090554
Vacuum pump.
STOKES 912H-10 is a high-performance pump that is designed to meet the requirements of high-production industrial applications. The pump offers an impressive range of features that provide maximum dependability and longevity. In addition, 912H-10 is constructed from robust and durable materials to provide reliable operation in demanding conditions. This robust pump features a 10-horsepower direct-drive motor with a robust cast iron body. This provides an efficient power source for demanding applications while maintaining reliability. The motor is further protected by its self-lubricated bronze bearing, ensuring extended service life. The pump features a cylinder made of hard-wearing cast iron, which is specifically designed to provide a strong and reliable operation. The cylinder features a stepped design with a stainless steel shaft, ensuring maximum reliability under hard-working conditions. The integrated roller bearings provide further support to the unit, reducing the risk of damage and contamination. STOKES 912H-10 employs the robust geared cam and roller mechanism. This ensures a reliable operation with precise adjustment and operation. The hard-wearing shaft, which helps to reduce wear on the pump unit, is constructed from high-grade stainless steel. 912H-10 pump also features a self-adjusting, self-lapping roller bearing system, designed to provide excellent lubrication and reduce operating costs. The lubrication system is designed to reduce wear on the moving parts, increasing the life and efficiency of the pump. The pump also features a sealed transmission, which is designed to reduce the risk of contamination. The enclosed design also helps to reduce noise and vibration, keeping the pump running smoothly and steadily. STOKES 912H-10 pump is designed to provide a long operational life, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications. The robust design, reliable construction and efficient operation make the pump an excellent choice for demanding environments.
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