Used STOKES MH212-10 #178082 for sale

ID: 178082
Mechanical pump, 5HP, 220V.
STOKES MH212-10 pump is a powerful and compact industrial pump designed for use as a positive-displacement gear drive pump. It is intended for use to provide reliable pumping power in a variety of applications, including transfer and circulating pumps, engine-driven automotive and industrial pumps, fire protection, and other tough industrial applications. MH212-10 is a gear-driven pump, featuring a durable cast iron body, a cast iron bearing housing, and ductile iron gears. It has an operating pressure range of 0-20 psi, with a maximum temperature of 300°F. It has three inspection ports for service and maintenance, as well as a Cast Iron/Graphite bearing for extended life. The pump shaft is supported by split ring bearings and a rotary seal to ensure long life. Additionally, STOKES MH212-10 has a unique single-piece brass bushing and spring isolator to reduce vibration and ensure proper alignment with minimal wear. MH212-10 is capable of handling a wide range of fluids, including oils, the majority of solvents, water-based chemicals, and most other industrial liquids. It can also be set up to handle gases, such as CO2 and air, as well. The pump has an impressive flow rate of up to 11GPM and can handle pressure up to 100psi, making it an ideal solution for many industrial and commercial applications. For convenience and ease of use, STOKES MH212-10 has an integrated liquid-filled pressure gauge and a large priming port for easy installation. For protection, it has built in over pressure protection valves that automatically shut-off when the pressure exceeds the predetermined limit. To optimize the pump's performance, it also comes with adjustable pressure switches and class F insulation for maximum cooling efficiency. MH212-10 is an excellent choice for demanding tasks and commercial and industrial applications, where reliability and performance are key factors. It is a durable, and reliable pump that will provide reliable pumping power for many years to come.
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