Used Strokes 412-11 #9096293 for sale

ID: 9096293
Pump Displacement: 510 CMH Inlet connection: 3” Port Outlet connection: 2” BSP Stages: 1 Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Water 5.5kW, 415V, 3Phase.
Strokes 412-11 is a centrifugal process pump designed for various uses, including industrial, commercial, irrigation, and process applications. This pump is ideal for applications requiring high flow rates, wide rangeability, and good pressure control. It has an excellent combination of features and benefits, making it a great choice for diverse applications. The pump features a split-case design, constructed of cast iron components to provide maximum efficiency at lower operating speeds than most other centrifugal pumps. This makes the pump very energy efficient and also helps to reduce life cycle costs. The pump also features adjustable speed drive motors and an adjustable impeller, so it can be set to the desired flow rate for each application. It also boasts a high head capacity of up to 204 feet. 412-11's features also include a top-flow design, which maximizes performance and reliability by reducing internal leakage and turbulence. This design maximizes efficiency, and also ensures that the pump will be able to deliver a consistent flow rate and pressure without any problems. Its non-overloading design helps to ensure a maximum, steady flow rate, even under the toughest operating conditions. The pump also comes with an external bearing housing, for enhanced support of the pump shaft and bearing, as well as increased resistance to corrosion and wear. The external bearing housing is easily removed for maintenance purposes. Additionally, the enclosure can easily be sealed for weather-proofing when necessary. Overall, Strokes 412-11 is an excellent centrifugal process pump, with features that make it ideal for a variety of applications. Thanks to its adjustable impeller, split-case design, and external bearing housing, this pump is both efficient and reliable. It is suitable for a wide range of high-pressure applications, and its low cost of ownership makes it an economical choice for industrial, commercial, irrigation, and process applications.
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