Used Strokes 607-1 Bareshaft #9096824 for sale

607-1 Bareshaft
ID: 9096824
Pump Displacement:1615 CMH Inlet connection: 6” ASA Outlet connection: 6” ASA Type of oil: H/C Minimum size backing pump:120 CMH Motor power: - Bare Shaft Cooling: Air.
Strokes 607-1 Bareshaft is a single-stage column-mounted centrifugal water pump designed for commercial and industrial applications. This pump is suitable for a variety of fluids, including both clean and contaminated water, chemical liquids and viscous fluids. It features a corrosion-resistant cast iron barrel shaped shaft that is secured to the impeller hub for stability and reinforced using a key. This model is capable of providing a head of up to 65m and a capacity of up to 530m³/hr with a maximum working pressure of 6 bar. 607-1 Bareshaft incorporates a semi-open impeller which features four blades. This design ensures excellent non-clogging performance and maximum efficiency. The pump also features a double mechanical seal with carbon and ceramic components in an intersected oil chamber. This mechanical seal arrangement increases operational life and prevents the ingress of dirt. Strokes 607-1 Bareshaft also includes a vibration damping system which all but eliminates any shock or vibration when the pump is running. Additionally, the pump is capable of running at speeds of up to 3000rpm with an efficiency of up to 89%. This model has also been designed for connection to either a 220V (single phase) or 380V (three phase) power supply. 607-1 Bareshaft can be used in a wide range of applications, including industrial water treatment, pressurisation systems, fire-fighting and cooling systems. The pump is easy to install and can be mounted horizontally or vertically using the included mounting bases. Furthermore, the pump features a non-destructive, automated valve for overload protection. This ensures the pump is well protected from external forces and system failure. Overall, Strokes 607-1 Bareshaft is an ideal water pump solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This column-mounted centrifugal pump provides excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price. Furthermore, it is easy to install, maintain and operate, providing a cost-effective solution for many businesses.
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