Used THERMO FINNIGAN Surveyor MS Plus #9058275 for sale

ID: 9058275
THERMO FINNIGAN Surveyor MS Plus pump is an all-in-one solution for advanced mass spectrometry systems. It is an incredibly versatile and reliable tool that can provide high-precision and fast sample introduction. The pump includes built-in pumps and controllers, capable of handling even the most complex of tasks. The heart of Surveyor MS Plus is its high-pressure triplex piston pumps, allowing for incredibly accurate and fast transfers over a wide range of applications. The pump can be configured for operation with different gases, allowing it to tackle a variety of projects. The equipment also features variable flow control, allowing users to adjust the flow rate to meet their specific requirements. THERMO FINNIGAN Surveyor MS Plus provides additional features to ensure the highest quality output. For example, its True Start control system eliminates gassing of the unit, ensuring the masses used in the program remain intact and don't interfere with the flow of ions. It also includes Auxiliary Gas Control, allowing users to fine-tune the setup of their machine. The pumps also include a vibration dampening tool which reduces the risk of vibration-induced noise. This feature, coupled with the dual peristaltic pumps, ensures the pump runs smoothly and efficiently. The pump also features Dynamic Pump Prime and calibration, guaranteeing optimum performance. The pump is constructed with durable and high-quality materials, meaning it can withstand the rigours of the lab without breaking down over time. It is also designed to perfectly fit inside a mass spectrometer, ensuring that it doesn't adversely affect the operation of the instrument. In short, Surveyor MS Plus is an ideal choice for those needing a reliable and versatile pump for their mass spectrometry operations. It provides a wide range of features, from its high-pressure triplex piston pumps to its Dynamic Pump Prime and calibration, giving users the confidence to tackle even the most complex of tasks. With its combination of power and quality, THERMO FINNIGAN Surveyor MS Plus has become an invaluable tool in the lab.
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