Used TOSHIBA VFD #171406 for sale

ID: 171406
Absorber recirc pump.
TOSHIBA VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) are advanced, high-efficiency pumps that are used in a wide range of applications. They are used in water treatment systems, heat transfer systems, manufacturing industries, and other applications. VFD pumps feature a brushless, permanent magnet synchronous motor, which provides smooth variable speed operation, reduced electrical power consumption, and improved performance at low speeds. The motor is coupled to a permanent magnet rotary actuator which helps to reduce the inertia of the motor and improves the efficiency of the pump. The motor is also provided with a power cable and a controller circuit board to provide an easy-to-operate system. TOSHIBA VFD pumps have an adjustable speed range, allowing for a wide range of control over the operating speed of the pump. The pump can be adjusted from 0 RPM to the maximum rated speed of the motor. Once the desired speed is set, it can be adjusted for various operating levels and torque curves. VFD can also be programmed to run at certain speeds and with certain profiles, in order to maximize the efficiency of the pump. TOSHIBA VFD pumps are highly reliable and are suitable for many applications. The design of the pumps allows them to be easily installed and maintained, with no special tools or training necessary. They are also highly efficient, capable of pumping up to 90% of the energy that is consumed. With their combination of advanced technology, reliability and energy efficiency, VFD pumps are a great choice for many installation requirements.
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