Used TYLAN MDV-100B #9072378 for sale

ID: 9072378
Vacuum valve Stainless steel throttle valve (8) Holes OD 6.5 " ID 4" BC 5.75".
TYLAN MDV-100B is a durable, reliable progressive cavity pump from top manufacturer TYLAN. It is designed for a variety of applications including industrial, food & beverage, municipal wastewater, and more. It is capable of transferring fluids up to 140°F, and has a maximum flow rate of 100 gallons per minute (gpm). Built with heavy-duty materials like cast iron, stainless steel, and engineered plastics, MDV-100B is fabricated with robust construction to withstand harsh environments and corrosive fluids. It is designed for easy maintenance and repair with minimized number of components, and enhanced material compatibility. The pump features a corrosion-resistant, single-piece stainless steel rotor sleeve construction for maximum strength and reliability. TYLAN MDV-100B is engineered with a patent-pending proprietary drive equipment that allows for longer reactive force, greater resistance to surge pressure and shock, as well as improved overall stability. Adjustable delivery pressure is easily changed with a simple adjustment setting on the control panel. This feature allows for increased efficiency and better overall control. MDV-100B pump also features a mechanical seal system that enhances efficiency and increases service life. The seal unit is designed with an interchangeable motor adaptor that is interchangeable with other motors. The add-on feature ensures that the seal machine works efficiently with the drive motor and prevents contamination of the pump's inner components. The CH pump also features a temperature-controlled tool that can be set for optimal operating temperatures, preventing any overheating or damage. The low noise operation is perfect for applications that require minimum noise levels, such as food and beverage processing. Additionally, its superior protection against dry-running and over-pressurizing make it the perfect choice for high-pressure delivery tasks. TYLAN MDV-100B is a superior pump for a variety of applications that require maximum reliability and efficiency. With its robust construction, easy maintenance, adjustable delivery pressure, and enhanced protection, it provides exceptional performance and durability. It's the ideal choice for any industrial, food & beverage, or municipal wastewater task.
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