Used ULVAC DA-240S #148579 for sale

ID: 148579
Diaphragm vacuum pumps, single stage.
ULVAC DA-240S is an oil sealed rotary vane pump designed for low pressure and vacuum operations. Its low noise design is ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, as well as precision manufacturing. The pump operates at 240 liters/min, making it suitable for high throughput tasks such as evacuation of laboratory apparatus. DA-240S utilizes a compact metallic body with a high strength alloy crankshaft and permanently lubricated bearings, which provide efficiency and reliability in operation. The unique design of the pump includes industry-proven components such as silicon- impeller, stainless-steel vanes, controllable spring-loaded arm, oil probe and a vapor separator. The pump's vane chamber is safely sealed with a special oil-seal and supported by a pressurized oil-cooling system, ensuring even and sustained pressure throughout the operation. It also features a speed controller designed to minimize any fluctuations in pressure and minimize power consumption. In addition, ULVAC DA-240S is optimized for high operating efficiency and low maintenance. The chamber is designed for easy cleaning and replacing of vanes if necessary without requiring opening the sealed chamber. The built-in digital gauge provides direct measurement of pressure under 10 torr. The fault detector system quickly identifies any potential problems enabling immediate maintenance when necessary. DA-240S is suitable for operation in a wide variety of environments and is designed to meet stringent international safety requirements. Its high-power engine features thermal protection, automatic power error detection, and overload protection. It has low oil consumption and a low-toxicity oil filtration system. Overall, ULVAC DA-240S provides reliable and efficient performance for low-pressure and vacuum operations. Its compact design and low-noise operation make it ideal for industrial and laboratory applications, as well as precision manufacturing. This pump is designed for easy operation, long life, and low maintenance costs, making it the perfect choice for the most demanding of tasks.
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