Used ULVAC DTC-22 #9092031 for sale

ID: 9092031
Dry pump.
ULVAC DTC-22 is a rotary vane mechanical pump with high ultimate vacuum, two stages of compression, and oil-free operation. This pump is widely used for research, engineering, and industrial applications. DTC-22 is powered via a single phase, 50/60 Hz AC power supply with a maximum power consumption of 0.37 kW. Pump speed is 25 Hz, and it is capable of maintaining a high vacuity of 1x10-5 Pa. The pump utilizes a direct drive motor and lubricant-free ceramic rotors with long-lasting fabric seals for superior performance. Its two stages of compression are designed to increase inlet pressure and maximize pumping efficiency. The first stage utilizes a valveless, high-efficiency design. A gas ballast feature helps maintain high vacuum. The second stage uses a valved vane structure to create a more efficient pumping cycle. ULVAC DTC-22 pump body has a single port, constructed of high-grade treated aluminum, with a flange diameter of 200mm. For optimal performance, an adapter plate is available for a connection flange. In addition, the pump is designed to be silent and vibration-free. DTC-22 has built-in controls for vacuum and motor speed, as well as emergency shut-offs if needed. A variety of accessories are available for this model, such as a leak detection system, a liquid-nitrogen trap, and an accessory box for storage. ULVAC DTC-22 is easy to install due to its self-supporting design, and it comes with an instruction manual that clearly explains how to start it up, operate it properly, and maintain it. Through regular cleaning, preventive maintenance, and replacement of any damaged components, DTC-22 is guaranteed to last for years.
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