Used UTI ESV-750M #9097940 for sale

ID: 9097940
Vacuum diffusion pump.
UTI ESV-750M is a vibration-proof, heavy-duty municipal pump designed to supply reliable, continuous service for a range of routine and industrial applications. This pump is constructed with stainless steel components that make it suitable for sewage, mild acids, chemical and abrasive industrial applications, with an overall heavy-duty rating. The counter-rotating impellers allow for maximum efficiency and longer-lasting performance. The removable head ring enables quick and easy maintenance whenever needed. The non-clogging design ensures no blocking or accumulation of debris, making for a more harmonic operation. The pump is driven by asynchronous, single-phase motors that can produce up to 0.75 kW power, a speed range of up to 4000 RPM, and a maximum flow rate of 200 L/h. It's certified to produce up to 9.5m of head. This model also features dual suction and delivery ports, allowing it to pump more liquid at higher pressure. It features excellent hydraulic efficiency, noise emissions, corrosion resistance and a high environmental tolerance. ESV-750M is built with two separate sealing systems to protect against external liquids, as well as a self-lubrication system for longer service intervals. It's equipped with a thermal overload protection for increased safety. The pump comes with a range of accessories, including level switches, pressure kits and electronic control filters, which can be used to optimize its performance even further. The pump is also ETL certified, and meets all CSA and UL462 standards, meaning it is safe for use in any environment. In summary, UTI ESV-750M is a vibration-proof pump suitable for a wide range of applications, boasting stainless steel construction, counter-rotating impellers, a removable head ring for easy maintenance, dual suction and delivery ports, excellent hydraulic efficiency, noise emissions, and corrosion resistance for a reliable and long-lasting performance.
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