Used VACUUBRAND RC5 #9095820 for sale

ID: 9095820
Rotary Vane Pump Cat No.: 698460 Displacement: 5.6/6.4CMH (50/60Hz) Ultimate Vacuum: 4 x 10-3mbar (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Inlet connection: KF16 Outlet connection: Hose Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Accessories available: Oil Mist Filter and Large mounting plate 370W, 1 phase, 240V.
VACUUBRAND RC 5 is a rotary vane pump designed for continuous usage in laboratory applications. Unlike other types of pumps, the RC 5 has a simplified operating principle, enabling a high degree of reliability and maintaining a low noise level even when in use. The RC 5 is connected to a constant source of electricity to achieve optimum efficiency, and is driven by an internal electric motor which runs at a consistent speed. This motor is then connected to a rotor, which is encased in a cylindrical housing featuring a series of vanes placed in close proximity. As the rotor spins, the vanes compress and extract gas molecules, steadily creating a powerful vacuum. This high level of vacuum pressure is maintained thanks to the design of this pump, as the vanes are made with a combination of different materials, allowing the RC 5 to achieve a high level of mechanical oil seal, providing an effective pathway for the incoming and outgoing gases. The RC 5 can also be easily modified to apply to a range of different applications which require the use of a vacuum. This is due to its ability to allow for simple servicing, with a range of accessories available for connection to the pump, for example a gas ballast or a filter for the outgoing gases, or a pressure gauge or valves for regulating the level of vacuum. The RC 5 is also renowned for its lightweight design, measuring just 18 kg, making it an ideal choice for laboratory work. The construction also allows for the easy removal for transport, as the entire casing can be dismantled quickly and easily, with all components being securely stored in a durable carrying case. All in all, VACUUBRAND RC 5 is an ideal pump for a variety of laboratory applications which require a reliable, low-noise and efficient vacuum. The user-friendly design and ease-of-servicing makes this pump a popular choice to achieve a constant, powerful and low-maintenance vacuum.
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