Used VACUUM GENERAL MDV-040 #9072376 for sale

ID: 9072376
Vacuum valve Stainless steel throttle valve (8) Holes OD 9" ID 4" BC 7.5".
VACUUM GENERAL MDV-040 is a single-stage mechanical vacuum pump designed for chemical, food-processing, and other specialized applications. This robust pump is constructed of durable cast iron and is designed to operate at low temperatures. MDV-040 has a built-in oil mist filter that eliminates oil mist during operation. VACUUM GENERAL MDV-040 has a 40 m3/hour capacity and generates a vacuum up to 9.8 X 10-4 Pa. This vacuum pump can function with suction pressure of up to 200 kPa at 20 ℃ and a maximum suction capacity of 30 m3/hr. MDV-040 is equipped with an internal silencer that allows it to operate quietly. VACUUM GENERAL MDV-040 utilizes a vaneless inclined rotor that efficiently compresses air and creates a low-pressure area. This vacuum pump has an improved oil separator, as well as a built-in oil level gauge that enables the user to conveniently monitor the condition of the pump. MDV-040 is engineered with an electronic overload protection device that ensures the unit will not overheat. This safety feature helps to preserve the pump's lifespan and ensures it operates safely and reliably. VACUUM GENERAL MDV-040 has a robust oil system that is designed to increase performance and decrease strain on the pump. The pump includes a reliable lubrication system that allows for minimal maintenance requirements. MDV-040 has a maximum material temperature of 65 °C and meets RoHS and CE Certification standards. This single-stage mechanical vacuum pump is designed for long-term, reliable vacuum generation with an extended service life. VACUUM GENERAL MDV-040 is an excellent choice for industrial and chemical process applications.
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