Used VARIAN 0184 #171430 for sale

ID: 171430
Diffusion pump 208VAC, 2200 watt.
VARIAN 0184 is a powerful and versatile addition to a range of pump systems. It is a vacuum of differential pumping systems (VDPS), which are typically used in scientific instruments such as electron microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes. This type of device works by creating a steady pressure difference between two separate chambers by maintaining a lower pressure in the main chamber than that in the adjacent one. This differential helps to ensure accurate, repeatable measurements and avoids air currents interfering with the instrument's readings. 0184 offers a number of distinct advantages when compared to other VDPS systems. Firstly, it is whisper quiet, making it an ideal choice for many laboratory applications and ensuring minimal disruption to any other instruments or working environment. Its anodized aluminum construction adds to its durability, which is further aided by exceptionally high-quality seals and components. To ensure optimal performance, the pump is designed with an efficient cooling air intake valve and an integrated fan for additional airflow. The pump offers three main functions to ensure accurate, consistent pressure readings. The first is pressure control, which allows users to monitor and adjust the pressure as needed. The second is air purging, which removes any remaining air or contaminates present in the chamber. Lastly, the pump features a vacuum expansion valve, allowing users to adjust the operating pressure of the entire system in order to accommodate various sample sizes and experiments. In addition to its sophisticated pressure control features, VARIAN 0184 can be further customized and adapted to meet specific requirements through the addition of a variety of accessories. For instance, the CCB20 (pressure control board) can be connected to the pump, allowing for even more accurate pressure readings and control. Additionally, several other components such as a filter, a gauge, and a temperature control module can be installed as needed. The bottom line is that 0184 is a powerful, reliable and easy to use vacuum pump for a variety of different applications. It offers a number of advantages over conventional VDPS systems, including its whisper-quiet operation, its sturdy construction, and its customizable features.
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