Used VARIAN 300DS #148578 for sale

ID: 148578
Dry scroll vacuum pumps, 0.4 kw.
VARIAN 300DS is a dynamic pumping system designed for advanced vacuum processes. The pump operates from continuous flow to perform a wide range of applications, from high-temperature process control to cryogenic pumping. It features direct drive technology, allowing it to deliver stable and consistent performance with minimal maintenance. The pump is also designed with a durable construction to withstand harsh environmental conditions and operate reliably over long periods. 300DS is equipped with several advanced control systems that enable optimum performance. One such feature is the low frequency control, which accurately regulates the flow rate during constant or variable gas conditions. The acceleration overshoot control technology reduces instability in complex systems to ensure steady pumping. Other features include the integrated LMS-25 Series Mass Flow Controllers and the speed control parameter. The flow controllers accurately measure and control the mass flow rate of the process, while the speed control parameter allows one to adjust the speed and rotational direction of the pump with ease. VARIAN 300DS is constructed with heavy-duty components to handle extreme conditions and endure for long periods of time. It is made of stainless steel, with key components being CNC machined for enhanced accuracy and precision. The pump is equipped with a single-stage mechanical pump inlet seal and a two-stage mechanical pump bearing to ensure dependable sealing. In addition, the motor is dust-proof to keep its performance throughout its life-expectancy. 300DS is designed to be integrated into many control systems, making it suitable for industrial, laboratory and research purposes. The pump's intuitive graphical user interface allows one to program the pump easily and monitor its performance. The pump can be tailored to meet specific requirements, with optional extras such as the safety interlocks and external monitoring tools. VARIAN 300DS is a powerful pump suitable for a wide range of vacuum processes. Its advanced features, robust construction and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for highly demanding applications. It has been designed for a long-term life, making it the ideal choice for all pumping requirements.
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