Used VARIAN 912-7022 #9088932 for sale

ID: 9088932
Vacuum ion pumps.
VARIAN 912-7022 is a high-performance, low-maintenance rotary vane pump which is designed to provide reliable, vibration-free operation. The pump is suitable for a wide range of applications, from laboratory use to large scale industrial use. 912-7022 is constructed from advanced materials with a stainless-steel housing for long-lasting durability. The pump has a twin-headed design to ensure uniform performance and a variable speed drive to maintain an optimal flow rate. Furthermore, the pump uses a mechanical compression section in the intake for enhanced performance. The pump is equipped with a patented, shut-off valve which can be used to reduce power consumption while maintaining optimal operation. It also has a low-noise profile, as well as an integrated sight glass for clear visual monitoring. VARIAN 912-7022 has an inlet diameter of 45 mm and an outlet diameter of 25 mm, and can handle a maximum flow rate at 18 m³/h, with a maximum head pressure of 1040 mbar. It is suitable for most liquids and gases, though certain conditions may require higher pressures. The pump also features a number of operational and safety features to ensure efficient and safe operation. It is designed with optimal pumping performance to ensure reliability and reduced running and maintenance costs. The pump also has over-temperature and over-pressure protection to avoid potential damage or malfunction. 912-7022 is a versatile and reliable pump, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its advanced materials and patented designs make it a great choice for reliable operation and long-lasting durability.
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