Used VARIAN 951-5218 #9072375 for sale

ID: 9072375
Vacuum Gate Valve OD 8" ID 6" BC 7 1/8 " (20) Holes.
VARIAN 951-5218 is a high-precision liquid chromatography pump that is elegantly designed for a variety of applications. With a precision of up to 0.006 mL/min, the pump facilitates a simple and reliable injection of liquids into the chromatographic column. This enables researchers to accurately determine the components of a sample and to monitor a vast array of compounds. The design of 951-5218 consists of a rugged and reliable motorized and hydraulic pumping equipment. The precision of this pump is ensured by a broad range of integrated features, such as the adjustable flow rate control that can be set through a front-panel keypad and a display panel. The pump is further designed with suction and bypass valves that allow for both narrow and wide flow ranges. This allows for flexibility when regulating a sample or reacting to a more complex pump indication. VARIAN 951-5218 can operate at different pressures up to 7 500 psi at a temperature of 25°C, and it is equipped with a pressure relief system. This protects it from any sudden pressure changes, ensuring the stability and reliability of the unit. Furthermore, the durable housing of the pump has been designed with a stainless steel casing that can withstand harsh operating environments. 951-5218 comes with additional features such as overspeed protection, flushing port, and an air-purge machine that mitigates air bubbles from the liquid sample. This pump is also equipped with software that can be used to manage the pump settings, record complex pump-cycles, and establish methods. This allows for comprehensive control of a variety of parameters and ultimately the best access to the analyses of a liquid sample. In conclusion, VARIAN 951-5218 is a durable and high-precision liquid chromatography pump. Its smart design with an adjustable flow rate control, suction and bypass valves, overspeed protection, air-purge tool, and integrated software enables researchers to reliably and accurately inject liquid samples into the chromatographic column.
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