Used VARIAN Cryostack 8 #9097830 for sale

VARIAN Cryostack 8
Cryostack 8
ID: 9097830
Cryopump Compressor: under pressure, Helium Cables and manual.
VARIAN Cryostack 8 is a fully-integrated pumping equipment designed for the reliable and efficient pumping of cryogenic vapors, liquids, and gases at temperatures as low as 20K. This system consists of an advanced rotary vane pump, offering a maximum pumping speed of 9,500 liters per hour. Featuring an energy-saving design, Cryostack 8 also features an intuitive user interface, allowing for easy operation and accurate unit control. Additionally, it features a variety of safety features designed to protect the pump and its contents from damage. To further increase its versatility, VARIAN Cryostack 8 features an adjustable vacuum inlet allowing for the use of different types of cryogenic gas sources and enabling users to precisely control the inlet pressure and temperature. It also includes advanced temperature sensors, allowing users to accurately detect the temperature of the cryogenic gas as it enters the pump, allowing for efficient operation. Additionally, this allows users to monitor the heat load of the machine, allowing for further efficiency. Cryostack 8 also boasts an innovative configuration, that is both small and lightweight, allowing for a variety of installation options. It features a flexible mounting tool, allowing the user to select a permanent or portable installation setup depending on the application. The main unit has an integrated weight of only 80 kilograms and is only 1500 mm wide. Processes that involve cryogenic pumps require an array of valves and other components in order to maintain safety, efficiency, and performance. VARIAN Cryostack 8 is designed with this in mind, and features a set of pre-configured value blocks optimized for the safe and efficient operation of the pump, allowing users to quickly install, adjust, and maintain all the necessary components. In addition, Cryostack 8 is equipped with a digital communicator, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust all the necessary operational parameters. The communicator supports a range of sensors and inputs, allowing the user to keep track of pump speed and pressure, as well as other essential operating parameters. VARIAN Cryostack 8 is an ideal cryogenic pumping solution for a variety of applications, including research and development, production, and industrial conditions. Featuring advanced technology, intuitive usability, and a range of safety features, Cryostack 8 provides an unparalleled level of support for processes involving cryogenic vapors, liquids, and gases.
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