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DS 102
ID: 149929
Dual stage rotary vane vacuum pumps Pumping speed displacement: 3.5 CFM Motor: FRANKLIN ELECTRIC, 1/2HP, single-phase, 115VAC 1L bottle of VARIAN GP oil Includes manuals on a disc.
VARIAN DS 102 is a reliable, durable, vacuum pump designed to move and remove large volumes of liquid or gas. It is built with the capability to draw down to lower than -12 millibars, providing optimal vacuum performance. It is also equipped with a 60-cycle motor and frequency inverter control, offering maximum speed and torque control. VARIAN DS102 has a sturdy and solid construction that resists any shock or vibration. This ensures accuracy and protection to the vacuum pump and its components, allowing for long-term reliable operation. This pump is also designed with an integrated thermistor monitor, providing accurate temperature monitoring to ensure safety and reliable operation. Furthermore, the pump is provided with a fluctuation-resistant digital speed tracking equipment, delivering uniform vacuum performance that enables flexibility and reliable operation. DS 102 is a digital vacuum pump featuring a microprocessor-based control system that offers precise and simple operation. This control unit provides various benefits, ranging from a well-balanced internal pressure to enabling users to prevent leakage and a consistent flow rate. The pump also features an automatic vacuum safety valve, providing protection to the machine in case of any sudden pressure spikes. DS102 also features a compact and lightweight design, allowing the pump to be easily transported, installed, and operated in a variety of locations. The pump has an innovative design that makes it perfect for a wide range of systems and processes, ranging from engine boosting, fuel vapor recovery, and other related applications. VARIAN DS 102 is designed with self-maintaining filters, ports, and valves that require little upkeep and maintenance, making it a dependable and cost-efficient choice for many applications. It uses a range of filters, seals, and gaskets, allowing it to withstand large electrical field and pressure values even when run continuously. This vacuum pump is a great choice for use in medical applications, research facilities, and industrial processes.
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