Used VARIAN DVP-500 #9083406 for sale

ID: 9083406
Vacuum pump.
VARIAN DVP-500 is a high-performance diaphragm vacuum pump with an oil-sealed rotary design. It is designed to be both reliable and energy-efficient, providing an economical and eco-friendly way to produce high vacuum levels in industrial, laboratory, and production environments. DVP-500 utilizes an axial displacement air motor with an independent oil-seal chamber. Its single-phase asynchronous motor has a rotating vane mechanism that reduces noise and vibration while increasing mechanical insulation. The pump has a robust body featuring low-emission high-tensile steel, providing long-lasting durability and performance. VARIAN DVP-500 has adjustable speed control for energy savings when lower vacuum levels are needed. DVP-500 also provides a two-stage pumping speed, enabling quick evacuation and high pumping speed. It has a cleanable filter and a patented wear indicator system that monitors performance and alerts the user to perform preventive maintenance. VARIAN DVP-500 is also designed to be highly reliable. The primary valve is a one-piece unit with a labyrinth seal, designed to keep the pump operation clean and dry. The motor is equipped with a fan-cooled heater and thermostat to maintain a stable operating temperature. It also has a direct-drive flexible coupler that reduces wear-and-tear be eliminating the need for external belts or pulleys. DVP-500 is ideal for applications that demand high vacuum performance. This reliable pump is capable of attaining vacuum levels as low as 0.5 torr (66.6 mbar or 0.065 psi) within 15 minutes, and is also able to consistently maintain vacuum levels in the ultra-low pressure range. Overall, VARIAN DVP-500 is a valuable and efficient diaphragm vacuum pump that offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for a wide range of vacuum applications. It is designed to keep energy usage to a minimum while providing precise control over the vacuum process, making it an ideal tool for high-precision laboratory and industrial operations.
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